Saturday, June 7, 2014

Call 537 : DON'T COMPARE

Hello Son, 

Your blog's template is still missing today. 

Wonder why ... 

This has happened once before but it came back like a month later. Could you please try to get it back, Son? Help to hasten the process ...

Yesterday, Justine said to Mom, "I have something to tell you ..."

We were in school. 

Yeah, Dad and Jus ended up in school after we had lunch together. We are still on holiday break, remember? :D

Your sister said that one of her uni friends had a classmate going back to like when they were in Primary 3, and that that girl passed away ... on that same day or day before, Mom can't be sure now. So apparently, Jus' friend was going on about how sad she was and how she would be crying buckets of tears (Mom added the bucket of tears) at the funeral ... and so on ... 

Jus was quiet, she said at first, until her friend, who was still going on about her --- her --- difficulty --- in accepting the news of her classmate's untimely demise, carelessly threw this line on her : 

"Do you know what's it like to lose someone?"

Your sister related, that she didn't answer immediately, but as soon as her friend continued with her whys and how comes and can you imagine ... again ... Jus cut in and reminded, "Yes, my brother ..."


The friend apparently responded with an -- Ohh.

Then, Mom thinks in trying to make light the situation that had gone awkward, her friend made a bad error of judgment when her friend thought she would be saying something comforting when she uttered these words :

Ah, but in your brother's case, you know ... you have time to say goodbye ... in this case, it was unexpected ...

"She was comparing? Like -- comparing??? 



cried your sister at the highest level of disgust that she could (discreetly) expressed whilst in school.

Pause ...

Like --- like comparing -- whose pain is more?

Mom embraced your sister, "People don't understand, Jus ..."

No, they don't ...

They will never know what we went through ...

Someday, Mom will continue your story in the Orange Dot Blog. 

No, it's not done, as You can see ... 

For the moment, Mom wants ... still wants ... to hold all those precious memories to her heart. 

For herself.

She is not willing to share them yet.

Some inciDANS are just meant to be ... and not meant to be shared ... especially for encounters that happened where there are just no words that you can find to describe them.

Your sister said, "I'm not done yet ... listen listen ..."

Mom's ears pricked up.

Justine said, "I was still thinking about it (clearly she was still emotionally -- disturbed) when I was driving home later ... and you know what ... suddenly one line ... just one line came on the radio ... IF I DIE YOUNG ... followed by some other ads and previews ... Omg ..."

"You mean, the song IF I DIE YOUNG ... came on the radio ..."

Jus replied, "Yes, but only this one line ... IF I DIE YOUNG ..."

"Awww Jus, you see ... your brother is reminding you that he's with you ... he's trying to comfort you ... he's telling you that he's near ..."

After all, your sister made this IF I DIE YOUNG video for You, Daniel ... <3

and sang the same song at your garden many moons ago ...

How would Justine's brother in heaven ZAP his sister on earth, but send her this one line that connect them together?



Awww Daniel ... that's nice, Son ... reminding your sister that you're right beside her.

God is good to us ... <3

Talk to You in a bit ... have to get ready for lunch.

Keep the zaps coming, Son ...