Saturday, May 31, 2014

Call 536 : FIELD TRIP

Hello Son, 

Just uploaded the last bit of the photos taken during our field trip on May 21.

May 21.

Your 52nd month.

Here are some of the links :

Daniel, on that special day ... your 21st ... that Wednesday, May 21 ... Mom has got to say this : 

Our field trip was so amazing!

The children were so well-behaved, it was unbelievable. You must have called upon some angels to help You help us on that day. That's for sure. 

The trip went so smoothly, the timing was perfect for everything that we wanted to do. 

The climax must surely be that moment went we were approached by a group of reporters.

Did You send them to us too, Son?

We were not one of the invited guests to welcome the two pandas, yet somehow, our children were interviewed, and we even presented a song, and best of all, we appeared on the evening news that day, and the papers the next day.

Omg ...

All that happened on May 21.


But of course.

Thank you, Son.

You were definitely there to orchestrate the whole thing.

Everywhere we are, there You'll be ... for always.