Sunday, October 14, 2012

Call 415 : MATH TEST

Hello Son,


Wow Son ... something really awesome happened in school on Thursday.

Mom's still in awe of the inciDANS. :D

Honestly, how do You do it?

It's just too amazing ...

So ...

Give her a minute ... let her catch her breath and think for a moment how best to tell You. Pay attention and listen carefully to what your mother has to say because this is truly incredible. Let her start first by saying ...

O     m     g ...

Mom was in school.

The children were gonna have their Math assessment paper that morning. Child A and B came early. She called them both over to the two desks by the window, and gave them each a set of test papers.

Child A was on her left, Child B on her right and she was sitting in the middle of them.

She asked them to write down their names.

Child A wrote his name.

Child B wrote her name.

She smiled inwardly.

Good good.

So far so good.

Clever kids. She's so proud of them. They're just so bright.

She turned to the left and asked Child A, "Can you write the numbers from 10 to 20?"

Child A said, "Yes ..." and proceeded to fill in the blanks, writing slowly and carefully.

She turned to Child B on her right and asked her to do the same thing.

Child B started to write the numbers.

She leaned back against the kiddie's chair, folded her hands against her chest, and waited patiently for them to finish page 1. By the way, the two desks are separated. Mom was seated in the middle of them and they are not able to see each others work at any material time.

When Child A was done, he sat back, and said, "Teacher Lynn, finish ..."

She gave him a smile, reached for his paper, saying, "Very good ... let's have a look ..." 

And she looked ...

And held her breath ...

And stared ... before releasing a slow exhale of ...

Oh --- My --- Gosh ...

She saw it instantly.

Pause ...

Was - that - a - coincidence ...

or was it a coinciDANS ... she wondered to herself, feeling that familiar tinge of exhilaration that was starting to pound in her veins. First thing in the morning, she gets a little sign that her son is near. Evey day, You remember to ZAP Mom, Daniel ... Not one day go by without You telling Mom that you're right beside her. :D

Take a look at the Math paper.

Taken at 8:41 am : Child A's paper ... See the 21?


Taking out her mobile, she quickly snapped a photo. Had it been any other number that was wrongly written, she would have asked the child to just -- erase it ... but ... helloooo ...


You must be near ... :D Mom thought happily as she turned over to page 2 and asked him to count the objects and match them to the correct numbers.

Meanwhile, Child B was done with that same page one.

Mom took B's paper, gave her a big smile and praised her, "Very good B ... clever girl ..."

She gave it a quick glance, before finding herself gasping in disbelief, as her hand flew over her mouth.

Omg ...

You have gotta be kidding ...

Oh my gosh ...

What are the chances???

Taken at 8:42 am : Child B's paper ... See the 21?

Mom stared at the paper ... can You blame her ... before snapping a photo.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy ... left and right of her ... Number 21???

Oh gee wow ...

Two times ...

Two times means ...


I'm right here, Ma ... :D

Honestly, what are the chances of the two children writing this number 21 (wrongly) at the same time?

No chance ...

No chance at all ...

Angel chance ...

Mom was all smiles that morning. She continued to test the other children, two at a time, by the window. Meanwhile, Justine was doing some activity with the other children at the whiteboard.

So anyway, to go straight to the next ZAP point, Mom called Child C.

Child C was late that morning, and was the last student to take the Math test that Thursday.

Mom went through the same instructions.

Child C picked up her pencil, like she couldn't wait to write. Mom watched her write confidently, the number eleven ... and then ...

Gasp ...

Omgosh ...

Taken at 10:55 am : Child C ... See the 21?

Stopping C abruptly, Mom questioned, "Is that how you write number twelve, C?"

C immediately picked up her eraser (see her left hand in the photo above) and was about to erase the number ...

Mom stopped her.

"Wait wait wait ... " your mother said, before taking her cellphone out to snap a photo. :D

Grin ... Let's not forget the eviDANS ... :D

After C completed page one, we proceeded to page 2. Counting and matching.

It was on page 3, when Child C once again wrote 21, instead of the number 12. It was a question on addition with objects. She had miscounted.

The answer was 13, but she said "twelve" as she wrote 21 in the answer box.

Pause ...

Oh my goodness.

You have so gotta be kidding her ...

This time however, Mom did not take a photo. She forgot.

She had reached for the eraser too quickly, and had erased the mistake even more quickly, instructing C to count again - slowly - frankly she was a bit horrified that one of her star pupils did not know how to write the number 12.

This is her Kumbayah girl.

Yes, the Kumbayah girl ... that same girl who had said, she lived "far, far away" when your mother asked her where she lives ... once upon a time.

Remember the inciDAN?

Mom's told You about it ... about a year ago.

Yeah ... far, far away ...

That's where YOU live ...

Oh wow ... she had thought to herself in wonderment.

Imagine that ...

At the starting of the test, and at the end of the test, yes yes yes ... at BOTH times, mind You, she encountered the number 21 TWO times.

Take notice ???

Correction : Take double notice ???

Oh ... Oh yes ...

She did ...

She did ...

Of course, she did ... take precise notice ... :D

Omg ...

You really are with Mom from the beginning of the day (or an activity) right to the end, aren't You? :D 

Yes, Mom cannot help but notice that the zaps are normally in that fashion.

After school, whilst the kids were taking their nap, Mom went home ... to take off her contact lens. After having some fruits with yogurt, she rested a bit before going back to school about 4 pm.

In school ...

Everything was as normal as normal could be ...

The full day kids were engaged in evening activities.

Mom called X, a bright 3 year old girl, and practiced reading with her.

After that, Mom  asked Teacher A, "Has P done his reading today?"

Teacher A said "Not yet."

Mom picked up a reading book of P's level, called him over to her, and sat him down before the book.

Okay, before she goes on, let her tell You first that normally, Mom does not read with P. She normally reads with the older kids, and leave the teacher to handle the younger children. Today however, unknown to her why at the time, she chose to read with 3 year old X, and then the 4 year old P.

Before P started the, he lamented, "I can't read this ..."

Mom said, "Of course you can ... let's try ..."

P started ... saying the words that he knew out loud, and the ones he didn't, she made him spell out, say the phonetic sound before helping him with the word.

When he came to page 10 (by the way, this is the Peter and Jane series), he pointed to the page number at the top left on the left side of the book, and said out loud, "Page 10 ..."

Mom nodded, "Yes, you see? You're at page 10 already ... clever boy ... go on ..."

He continued to read page 10 ...

After page 10, he turned over a new page, pointed to the page number at the top and said, "Page 12 ..."

Mom suddenly found herself sitting up right.

Of course she heard him.

It was loud and clear to her ears.

Page 12 ...

Page 12???

Pause ...

Is this going somewhere? Why, this morning has been nothing but numbers 12 and 21 interchanged.

She watched P. It was kinda strange that he did not refer to any of the page numbers earlier. He only started at page 10. Mom was not at all prepared for what would happen next.

He continued to read a few more pages ...

Then, suddenly he stopped, turned to his left, raised his right hand to swat at ... at ... something ... in the air. Imagine him like, swatting a fly or insect with his hand. He did that a few times.

Mom could see nothing.

She asked, "What are you doing, P? Go on ... read the next line ..."

P was then looking ... kinda ... up in the air, on his left side. Again, he raised his right hand to swat down something --- invisible.

P said, "There's an ant flying, Teacher Lynn ..."

Mom couldn't help but smile at his serious-looking face.

She said, "P, ants don't fly ... You mean, mosquitoes ..."

Wait a minute ...    


Her Einstein brainwave went into full drive. Only You would know why ...

P's eyes were focused in mid air, kinda at the same spot.

He insisted, "It's a big ant flying, Teacher Lynn ..."

He moved both hands in front of him in an oval shape, to signify his version of "big."

She watched him in amusement. He was still trying to swat the invisible flying - ant down. His face was intense and expression, quite determined. :D

Finally, she said, tongue in cheek, "Is the ant waving at you?"

P replied ... easily, seriously and quite naturally, "No, it's waving at you, Teacher Lynn ..."

H-Huh ?

He made that remark like it was the most natural thing to say. Then, he looked down on his page and started reading the next line. The flying-ant was forgotten.

Mom stared at him. She looked down on his book, and suddenly noticed that he was on page 24.

Omg ...


Your birth date?


A flash enlightenment shot through her, as she was suddenly reminded about the DAN THE ANT inciDAN.

See Call 403 (Huge Ants) & Call 404 (Power Cut) where the ant inciDAN all started ... :D

Oh gosh. Honestly, You really are with Mom, aren't You, Daniel? Peter and Jane books do not print odd number pages, by the way. And so, it had to be page 24 ... since there is no page 21 in print.

Omg ... How incredible.

As P read on, Mom watched him, trying to freeze that heart-warming zap moment that had just passed only seconds ago. She remembered that earlier on this Monday, P had come to school, and to her office, announcing to her that he had moved to a new apartment, and that his home number is "Number 12."

She had acknowledged that with a big smile and a nod, echoing, "Number 12?"

P had confirmed, "Yes, number 12, Teacher Lynn ..."

That was all ... She had not thought anything about it after that ... till right then.

Oh wow ...

How incredible.

See the familiar pattern?

Get the attention first, and then when focus is on You, bring on the ZAP ZAP ZAP. :D

That evening at home ...

Mom sat Dad and Justine down on the sofa, and told them everything that happened that day. From the test papers to the flying ant. It was just so amazing to tell them about the inciDANS. Good thing Mom took photos of the test papers.

VOICES was on telly at the time. Mom was not really watching the show, although she was eating her dinner before the telly. Then, just when she least expected it ... the song EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE ... came on.

Mom said to Dad excitedly, "Hey, Every Breath ... I'll be watching You ... I just told You about what Son did today ... and he says ..."

I'll be watching You ... :D

That's the song we dedicated to You on your 32nd month. See the (currently) top video on the left panel of the blog.


Oh, oh definitely!

Happy Grin ...

Pause ...

Grin some more ...

Andddd Cut.

(continue on Call 416)