Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hello Son,

Oh gosh, Son ... it's almost a month since Mom last wrote.

It's been a crazy, crazy week after week after week.

After week.

Still, You never fail to zap your mother daily.



Daily, You remind her that you're near.

Thank you, Son.

Miss You very much, Daniel. There is not a moment that you're not on our minds.

Your mother was searching for some images and came across this.


That made her stare ... for a while.

Then, just as she scrolled down, this image greeted her.


Rainbow ...

She found herself smiling.

It wasn't until some 10 minutes later, when she received the familiar ZAP ZAP ZAP.

The song SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW came on from the telly.

Oh gosh. 


What a coinciDANS.

Mom had glanced at the time on her computer -- immediately.

9:25 pm.

Decode : 21

A secret smile.

But of course.

That reminded her of Dad's boarding pass the day before.

Dad was up north, and taking a flight back to KL.

He had sent Mom this:-


Dad's sms @ 9:12 am (with the image) read : On board now.

Mom studied the boarding pass slip and a smile appeared on her face. :D

You must have seen that, huh. :D

Did You?

Would You look at all her angel signs?

From the top : There's the big D.

No prizes for guessing what the D stands for. Then ...

2101 ???

Decode : 4

Boarding time 09:10 am.

Why, that's 44

Her eyes darted up to 18MAR14.

A chuckle escaped her. 

Secret code : 18(3)14




Moving down to 00046.

Honestly, she couldn't help grinning.


Like 23?

Why, that's a clear 1994.

Your birth year. :D

Only B5 has no connection ...

Aiyoh Maaaa ... she hears You.

How could a tiny little boarding pass bring so much -- joy -- to her?


That's not even the highlight.

Dad sent another sms at 11:06 am and said : 

Co-pilot Daniel Fakri 


Oh my Lord ... You can't be serious.

What are the chances?

At 11:06? 

Secret code : 4

Mom replied : o my lord,  same as the singapore flight?

(Last weekend, your family was in Singapore. On the return flight back, the steward who made the usual announcement just before we landed, introduced himself as DANIEL. Gasp here, please! Dad and Justine were with Mom. We all heard.)

Anyway, Dad replied : Different airline. Daniel spoke on behalf of the pilot. Good English.

His next sms read : Son was supposed to be a Pilot. :(

Mom noticed the time of that sms and replied : you sent that 11:11 am.

Decode : 4

Truly Daniel, eveywhere we are, there You'll be.

Oh and You know what?

Yesterday afternoon, at home, Mom was at the sofa. 


Lunch break.

Why she has to rest so much these days, she's not sure.

Suddenly, without warning, at one precious moment, she saw before her eyes, a beauty expert giving some beauty tips, and then, lo and behold, appearing on the screen was the consultant's name :



OMG ...

Mom had grabbed her mobile to check the time.

It was 2:48 pm


Always perfect the zaps are.

Decode : 2(48)

Is that not a clear 21?

That evening, whilst Mom was on the computer preparing some school work, the name Ralph Macchio was mentioned about like, 10 times, on an episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Mom had glanced at the time.

She scribbled down on a piece of paper before her.

6:38 pm.

Decode : 44


Ralph Macchio?

1984 Karate Kid.



Two times???


Honestly, what are the chances?

No chance.

Angel chance.

Your 21st is coming round the corner, Son.

Keep the zaps coming.

Talk to You in a bit. 

Gotta go now and get some school work done.

Love You, Daniel-Son. <3