Friday, November 19, 2010

Call 61 : THE GAME

Hello Son, 

Mom felt much better today, so Dad and her went out to get your flowers (for your 21st). Dad went to get the car. At the lobby, Mom hopped in. 

Putting on her seat-belt, she had to smile when she heard the radio-advertisement that went:-

Voice 1 : Hi Lynn, You look stressed-out today. 

Voice 2 : I've been having some health problems lately.

Voice 1 : Don't You know that 90% of health problems come from the gut?


Those lines may not be the exact words. 

The time was 11:43am.

Only the day before (Thursday), she had felt all weird in the gut, and today, she heard the gut-ad first thing in the car. Talk about perfect timing! On top of that, there's like a million names out there, and the ad had to use Mom's name? Not only did that get her attention that, but that Lynn-woman also had a problem with her gut?

Mom's really amused. :D

We drove to Petaling Street. 

Dad waited in the car, while Mom went to get your flowers. For this month, she decided to get a bunch of pink flowers for You. :D

We drove to the Gardens Mall after that. It's Justine's birthday tomorrow! We wanted to get the ingredients for the cake and a lil something for her.

Reaching the car park of the Malls @ 1:05pm, Dad said, "Car park all full."

Mom let out an impatient sigh, "Since when car park full is our problem?" Dad forgot. 

Mom said, "I'll show You where to go."

Before Mom could do that, Dad had already decided where to park the car. He had started a line along the wall, and immediately a trail of cars followed suit.

Dad suggested we had lunch first since we did not take breakfast. Mom suggested PappaRich. Dad said it was lunch time, peak time, that restaurant will be packed.

Mom said confidently, "There will be a table for us."

We walked there. 

Mom was just kinda excited she's about to show Dad a magic show of some sort. True enough, there was one table waiting for us. Mom asked Dad to look around, "Can You check if all the tables are occupied?"

Dad looked around, and said Yes.

Mom stood up and walked around, just to see the tables outside the restaurant and at angles she couldn't see from where she was sitting. All tables were taken, except for one long table that had a RESERVED sign on it.

"You see?" Mom said almost triumphantly. 

"You see that? All the tables are taken, except for one. And what did You say just now?" Mom asked innocently.

Dad was all sheepish when he said, Son reserved this table for us.

After lunch, we walked over to MidValley Mall. 

Dad stopped by a counter selling computers and laptops

Checking out an iPad, Dad asked Mom to try typing on the keyboard. 

Mom did, and she typed out the words :

once upon a time

but it came out as : pmvr upon a yo,r

(something like that) 

The sales boy said, "First time use laptop, is like that one. Must take one week to get used to the keyboard."


Excuse me?

First time use laptop??? Mom thought indignantly.

How dare he.

Your mother did the first thing that came into her head. She walked off in a huff ... and do You blame her?

Dad followed behind. We split as Dad had to meet someone in the north court. Mom went browsing by herself.  Here, there, everywhere.

It was about 4pm. 

Mom was then walking towards the center court

She called Dad to ask him where he was. As he was explaining, Mom turned to look to her left and there Dad was, on the phone talking to her. He was about 20 steps away towards her left.

That was pretty amazing. 

We had not told each other where to meet or what time we'd finish. The mall is so big, yet at the time Mom called Dad, he was like - right there - in front of her.

You must have whispered to Mom to call at that precise time. 

Had she called 5 minutes later, she would have been at the north court already. She was actually heading that way because Dad had told her he was meeting a friend there, and he had said he would be at the north court. 

Looks like You saved Mom some unnecessary walking today, Son. :D

We went to the supermarket to get the list of cake stuffs that Aunty Carol would need to bake Justine's cake tomorrow (Saturday).

After the groceries, we were headed back towards Gardens. Dad suggested we had tea at Big Apple

This time, Dad walked straight up to the vacant (second) table and put our groceries on the seats, and said, 

"You see, Daniel reserved this table for us. Look, all the other tables are taken."

Mom grinned. You must have grinned too.

While we were sipping our drinks, Mom asked Dad to run over to Secret Recipe to buy Jus a slice of cheese cake for her tea time. 

A pre-birthday treat. :D

We left the mall after 6pm.

Coming out of the parking area, we realized that it was raining. 

Stay tuned ... something amazing is about to happen. :D

Mom turned on the radio. 

An unfamiliar song was coming to an end. 

The next song came on. She had her mobile ready in her hands to capture those key words, just in case it is a song-message.

The first line, would You believe it, was :

Tonight the rain is falling ...

Oh Wow ... 

Tonight the rain is falling??? 

What are the chances, honestly? She was all ready with her cell-phone like she knew the song is gonna be important. 

It was raining at the time, and hearing that line kinda made her pay attention to the song. She's not heard of this song before. It is a nice song with a nice message, 

"The game will never be over, 
because we're keeping the dream alive." 

Tonight the rain is falling
Full of memories of people and places
And while the past is calling
In my fantasy I remember their faces

The hopes we had were much too high
Way out of reach but we have to try
The game will never be over
Because we're keeping the dream alive

I hear myself recalling
Things you said to me
The night it all started
And still the rain is falling
Makes me feel the way
I felt when we parted

The hopes we had were much too high
Way out of reach but we have to try
No need to hide no need to run
'Cause all the answers come one by one
The game will never be over
Because we're keeping the dream alive

I need you
I love you

The game will never be over
Because we're keeping the dream alive

Can't seem to find a MV with lyrics. 

No need to hide no need to run
'Cause all the answers come one by one
The game will never be over
Because we're keeping the dream alive

What a beautiful song. Thank You for that, Son. <3

Tomorrow is Justine's Birthday!!! Don't forget!!! :D